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Comme des Garçons 1990’s Sheer Dress

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For the Spring 1991 series, titled “Ink Dye, Stained Glass.”

This piece features diaphanous sheer drop, and aslippery lingerie silky feeling, and draping that reveals the womanly, not waifish, body beneath it. 

A mid length drop, this dress it’s buttoned up the the chest. 

Sheer midnight blue. 

The most interesting and intricate part of this dress is that the sheer neckline is attached and creates the sleeves of this dress.  This allows for a unique manipulation of the sheer material to be manourvered in a way the wearer sees fit. Either over the chest, or angles ina way that can extend the length over one shoulder. Or the other. 

Elastic waisted.

Fits a size 8, for a more drapes feel, to a size 12. 

Made in Japan