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Pleats Please by Issey Miyake Sketches Shirt

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Incredibly hard to find, Issey Miyake Pleats Please explores art over this button up shirt. 

the eyes are draw to everything on this shaft, a myriad of bright contrasting colours, some ni shapes you might recognise, others, not so much. Either way at is a delight to the visual senses to say the least. 

In classic Pleats Please shaped

, this shirt has angled shoulders, and a collar that sits nicely on the neckline. 

With a white backdrop, all the colours play wonderfully on this top.

Six colourful buttons, and a length that sits perfectly in the waist. 
Two shirt splits on another side of hips. 

Made in Japan

100% polyester. 
Size 3.

Shoulders lying flat 40cm

length lying flat 55cm

Fits an 8-12 easily, depending on what style of fit you prefer.